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  Introduction of Constant Torque Electric Spanner for Bridge Construction随着中国改革开放的不断深入,中国的基础设施越来越多,桥梁建设是必不可少的。系索桥是桥梁建设的主要形式。螺栓连接必须采用大六角高强度螺栓。
  With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, China's infrastructure is increasing, and bridge construction is indispensable. Tethered bridge is the main form of bridge construction. Large hexagonal high strength bolts must be used in bolt connection.
  大六角高强度螺栓一般为10.9级或12.9级。根据高强螺栓的施工工艺要求,高强螺栓的施工必须先紧固,再紧固。初始拧紧一般为比较大扭矩值的50% ~ 60%;比较后的紧固必须达到螺栓规定的比较大扭矩值。
  Large hexagonal high strength bolts are generally of grade 10.9 or 12.9. According to the construction technology requirements of high-strength bolts, the construction of high-strength bolts must be tightened first and then. Initial tightening generally ranges from 50% to 60% of the maximum torque value; final tightening must reach the maximum torque value specified by the bolt.
  Large hexagonal high strength bolt structure, the first tightening can choose manual torque wrench, fixed torque electric wrench, the last tightening must choose the front field torque electric wrench.
  In bridge construction, bolts are usually M2-M24 and (large hexagonal high strength bolts, including M2-M24 maximum torque value is usually 860 nautical miles (maximum torque value is based on different friction coefficients, and different), (maximum torque value is usually 1700 nautical miles (maximum torque value is based on different friction coefficients, and different) early tightening, it is necessary to select torque electric wrench, set initial tightening moment value, and start to tighten bolts. After a few seconds, stop fastening the electric wrench and take out the sleeve.
  Finally, when tightening, it is necessary to fix the torque electric wrench. First, the value of the torque is set to the maximum value of the bolt. After tightening for a few seconds, the electric wrench stops tightening and can be taken out.
  The universal fixed moment electric wrench can be used in the initial tightening, and the front field fixed moment electric wrench must be used in the final tightening. The torque is large, the error is small and the precision is high.
  (1) Firstly, the dial is set to the required torque value, and the wrench glove is placed on the bolt.
  Press the switch and start working.
  (3) When the wrench reaches the set torque value, it automatically stops tightening and pulls out the wrench to finish the work.
  Use note:
  Please strictly comply with the regulatory requirements.
  Insert the bolt into the sleeve reasonably and smoothly without tilting, so as to prolong the service life of the sleeve.
  Replace the carbon brushes in time. The carbon brushes should not be less than 6mm in order to prolong the service life of the motor.
  Don't tighten it repeatedly.
  Do not touch the reaction arm while working.
  To adjust the positive and negative rotation, it is necessary to rotate the trigger in place.
  When the green light is on, it is usually on and can work properly.
  When the red light is on, the operation is illegal and the power supply needs to be restarted.
  Iron box, rain-proof socket, screwdriver, certificate and instruction (original).
  Opening inspection:
  1. 首先检查机器的外观和随机配件的数量。
  1. First check the appearance of the machine and the number of random parts.
  2. Inspection of machine nameplates and trademarks.
  3. After the plug-in test, the machine has good performance.
  Then go to work on the site.
  Replace sleeve:
  1. 松开定位顶线,拆卸套筒。
  1. Loosen the top line and remove the sleeve.
  2. 安装必要的套筒。
  2. Install the necessary sleeve.
  3. Tighten two positioning screws.
  Replace the carbon brush:
  (1) Remove the brush cover and put the carbon brush into it.
  Press in the spring.
  (Long to short, short to long)
  Upper chord (don't exert too much force).
  Regular inspection and maintenance:
  1. 定期检查电源线。
  1. Check the power cord regularly.
  2. 定期检查各部位螺丝,注意电机的声音。
  2. Check the screw in every part regularly and pay attention to the sound of the motor.
  3. Ensure that motor, sleeve and machine are free from impurities.
  4. 拧紧螺栓5000次,及时检查炭刷和套管。
  4. Tighten bolts 5000 times, check carbon brush and casing in time.
  5. 每次手术后,将其存放在干净干燥的地方。
  5. After each operation, store it in a clean and dry place.
  2. 严禁使用非220v电压供电。
  2. It is strictly forbidden to use non-220v voltage for power supply.
  3. Keep away from inflammable and explosive materials.
  4. 爱护防护工具及配件。
  4. Care for protective tools and accessories.
  5. 在检修时请切断电源。
  5. Cut off the power supply during the overhaul.
  6. 严禁将机器猛烈撞击或摔落。
  6. It is strictly forbidden to hit or fall the machine violently.
  7. 高空作业时应采取安全措施。
  7. Safety measures should be taken when working at high altitude.
  8. When the machine is heated or the ambient temperature is above 40 degrees, stop using.
  9. 当炭刷短于6mm时,应及时更换炭刷,否则电机会烧坏。
  9. When the carbon brush is less than 6mm, the carbon brush should be replaced in time, otherwise the motor will burn out.
  10. 严禁客户自行拆卸机器。
  10. It is strictly forbidden for customers to disassemble machines by themselves.
  1. 请仔细阅读说明书,严格按照正确的拧紧施工工艺操作。
  1. Please read the instructions carefully and strictly follow the correct tightening construction process.
  2. 请务必使用220V电源。
  2. Be sure to use 220V power supply.
  3. Connect the power extension line correctly. (Otherwise, the voltage will drop, the torque will be reduced, the effective speed of the motor will be reduced, and the heat of the motor will lead to the short circuit of the enameled wire). The extension line covers an area of 2.0 square millimeters and the longest length is 30 meters.
  The extension line has an area of 3.5 square millimeters and a maximum length of 60 meters.
  4、请使用原插座、地线、漏电保护器设置。开始使用扭矩电动扳手前,请先预热几分钟。6. 电动扳手工作时,请勿用手触摸反力臂。
  4. Please use the original socket, ground wire and leakage protector. Before starting to use the torque electric wrench, please warm up for a few minutes. 6. Do not touch the reaction arm with your hand when the electric wrench is working.
  7. 当使用正反旋转时,一定要旋转到位的旋转触发器。8、紧固螺栓时,从螺栓的小扭矩值开始,不要从螺栓的大扭矩值开始。9. 扳手拧紧螺栓停止时,请不要再启动机器拧紧。请及时更换碳刷,使用原碳刷。不能短于6mm(否则由于碳刷弹簧压力不足,转子会被电火花烧毁)。红灯指示输入错误,请重新启动。
  7. When using positive and negative rotation, it is necessary to rotate the rotating trigger in place. 8. When tightening the bolt, start with the small torque value of the bolt, not the large torque value of the bolt. 9. When the wrench tightens the bolt to stop, please do not start the machine tightening again. Please replace the carbon brush in time and use the original carbon brush. It should not be less than 6mm (otherwise, the rotor will be burned by electric spark due to insufficient spring pressure of carbon brush). The red light indicates an error in input. Please restart.
  请保持工作场所清洁。13. 注意穿着合适的工作服,远离人群,注意安全,轻拿轻放,在高空保持平衡,雨天不要工作。
  Please keep the workplace clean. 13. Pay attention to wearing appropriate work clothes, away from the crowd, pay attention to safety, handle lightly, maintain balance at high altitude, do not work in rainy days.
  14. 请使用原配件及配件。切勿更换或使用非机器配件。
  14. Please use the original parts and accessories. Do not replace or use non-machine parts.
  15. 正确保护电动扳手的本体、外壳、电线及附件。不要自己打开扳手。如需维修,请与制造商的销售代表接洽。
  15. Correctly protect the body, shell, wire and accessories of the electric wrench. Don't open the wrench by yourself. For maintenance, please contact the manufacturer's sales representative.
  Read the introduction of fixed-torque electric wrench for bridge construction above, if you want to buy fixed-torque electric wrench, please call for advice!